Ambassador Program

Do you work with clients who want to buy a small business … but are not sure where to begin?

Now you can help make their business ownership dreams come true … as an Ambassador for Business Buyer’s Brilliance.

Most Business “Buyers”

  • Lack sufficient knowledge
  • Are confused about the process
  • Fear making a big mistake
  • Don’t know what they want
  • Are overwhelmed
  • Lack confidence
  • Never Purchase

Educated Business Buyers

  • Are knowledgeable
  • Understand the buying process
  • Take measured risks
  • Know what they want
  • Are ready to act
  • Are confident
  • Buy a business

What If There Was a Way to:

  • Deliver better value to your clients.
  • Help them achieve their business ownership goals.
  • Build longer-lasting client relationships.
  • Increase your clients’ trust.
  • Earn money at the same time.

Introducing Business Buyer’s Brilliance, a complete online educational program to master all the skills and knowledge needed to buy a business.

Turn Dreams into Reality,

Become a Business Buyer’s Brilliance Ambassador.

Help your clients become profitable business owners, and earn a commission with every Business Buyer’s Brilliance sale.

As an Ambassador, You’ll Receive:

  • A commission on every sale of Business Buyer’s Brilliance
  • “Marketing in a box” — a complete, customized sales package
  • Personalized sales and marketing support
  • Peace of mind knowing your business-buying clients are getting the education they need to succeed

Business Buyer’s Brilliance… Master the 10 Ps of Buying Any Small Business

  • Over 6 Hours of In-Depth Video
  • Comprehensive 140-Page Workbook
  • Complete Business Buyer’s Toolkit
  • Live Video Mastermind Calls
  • Business Pricing & Forecasting Case Study

Promoting Business Buyer’s Brilliance … is as Easy as “Marketing in a Box”

Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you. You’ll receive “Marketing in a Box,” a complete, customized sales package.

  • Custom Email Sales Templates
  • Digital & Print Sales Flyers
  • Personalized Coupon Codes
  • Try Before You Buy Event Ticket
  • Converting Sales Page
  • Secure Checkout

Ready to help business ownership dreams come true?

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