Want to buy a small business … but not sure where to begin?

Make your dreams a reality by mastering all the skills,
knowledge, and know-how to successfully
purchase your dream business.

Our exclusive Business Buyer’s Brillance program will
fully prepare you to buy your dream business.

You could start your business from scratch—or you could avoid costly start-up headaches by buying an existing business. In our Business Buyer’s Brilliance program, not only will you learn the ten “P’s” of buying a small business, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills required to confidently make your business ownership dreams a reality.”

Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Business Broker, & Certified Executive Coach

Is this Program for Me?

Whether you’re just starting to dream about buying a business, have already started looking for your new venture, or are mere days away from making your purchase offer, this course is for you.

Whether you’re a new buyer or a seasoned acquisition pro, avoiding costly mistakes is crucial when buying a business.

And whether you’re planning to spend thirty thousand dollars, three hundred thousand dollars or three million dollars, our Business Buyer’s Brilliance is the program for you!

Everything You Need to Know … from Preparation to Close

Whether you want buy a business
in order to:

  • express your passion
  • provide a helpful service to others
  • become the next Steve Jobs
  • change the world
  • stop being another hamster on corporate wheel
  • or simply make money and put food on the table

What you will learn

Our Business Buyer’s Brilliance program will teach you the core knowledge you need to confidently buy a business, and embark on your new challenging but extremely rewarding path. While there’s never any guarantee you’ll find your dream business, Business Buyer’s Brilliance program is packed with detailed information, step-by-step instructions as well as tons of guidance and tips to get your heroic adventure underway.


We’ll start by discovering the personal attributes you bring to the table and set the foundation for buying your dream business.


Then, we’ll get into the price you’ll want to pay, the purchase process, strategies for pursuing the best prospects, and the tricks of the trade in preparing and negotiating your initial purchase offer.



Finally, you’ll learn the Top 10 deal killers and how to avoid them, the art of closing the deal, and essential tips for succeeding in your first three months of transition.

Every step of the way, we’ll guide you through the entire process of buying a small business—from working with business brokers, to finalizing the sale, to hitting the ground running in your new venture.

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The Real Cost

Buying a business is a complex, lengthy, and risky process, and quite frankly, you don’t learn this stuff at school! You’ve likely never heard of customer concentration risk, or a buyer sanity check. And learning by doing can be extremely costly, in time, energy, and money.

Do you truly feel you have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to buy a business today? It’s OK if the answer is “No”. That’s exactly what this program is here to guide you through!

What’s the risk you’ll take by not being thoroughly prepared?

Did you know that it will often cost you dozens of hours and thousands of dollars just to get to the due diligence phase? Many of you may only have enough capital to take one shot at this. And even if “your pockets are full”, why waste the time, energy….and money making costly mistakes.

What if you sink your life savings into a business that turns out not to be viable?

The real cost of making drastic mistakes could be tens of thousands of dollars or worse. What if you sink your life savings into a business that turns out to be not viable?

Here are some examples of perfectly avoidable mistakes

Buying the wrong business for you

Imagine six months into your new business, waking up every day dreading to go to your shop because the type of business you purchased does not align with your personality, or your strengths. Learn what type of business is a good fit for you before you purchase.

Buying a business that can’t pay you

Even worse than being miserable because of the type of business you bought, how about the misery that may come if the business can’t afford to pay you. While every purchase comes with this risk, you can minimize it by using the tools in this program.

Discovering major risks too late

Is the business dependent on a major supplier or customer? One small decision made by that supplier or customer could leave you in dire straights! Wouldn’t it be good to fully understand the risks before you purchase?

How much is avoiding these types of mistakes worth to you?

A Program Like No Other

Business Buyer’s Brilliance program is revolutionary because it’s the only educational program of its kind offering a rich package of clear instructions in an easy-to-follow format.

This program is your one-stop shop for developing the business acumen you need to purchase a small business at a winning price and start turning your business ownership dreams into reality.

Packed Full Of Value for You!

The program is uniquely structured – broken down into 10 modules – each one covering one of the 10 essential “P”s of a successful business purchase.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Video Instruction: Over 6 hours of in-depth videos covering the 10 “P”s

Comprehensive Workbook: A work-along 140 page workbook. Packed with dozens of exercises, key learning points, and real life stories of buyers just like you. As you advance through each module, you also proceed through the workbook. This helps to solidify the key learning points of each lesson, as you examine dozens of real life examples, complete comprehensive exercises and make notations about what is most important for you.

Case Study: A fully worked example of how to asses and normalize earnings, calculate sellers discretionary earnings, and estimate the resulting business value. Together, we will walk though exactly how to analyse and normalize financial statements for our example company, Nelly’s Nurses, using the same tools as in your Business Buyer’s Toolkit.

Complete Toolkit: Our exclusive Business Buyers Toolkit contains all the tools you will use and re-use to assess the quality of every business opportunity you are targeting.

Tools included are:

A Program Like No Other

Buyers come from all backgrounds and experiences, but we find that they often fall into two categories:

New Buyers

  • Do you have a good job in a small business but dream of owning your own shop?
  • Do you have a special skill or talent and are driven to share it with the world?
  • Do you have a business idea burning up in your head and need a vehicle to express it?
  • Do you dread one more day of dealing with “the boss’s stress” at work?
  • Do you need an alternative to traditional employment?

The program is uniquely structured – broken down into 10 modules – each one covering one of the 10 essential “P”s of a successful business purchase.

Strategic Acquirers

  • Do you want to expand your current business venture, and want to go into your next deal thoroughly prepared?

Buying another business is one of the fastest ways to grow your existing portfolio. In fact, professional private equity investors build mini-empires using roll-up strategies all the time.

Learn the knowledge, skills, and strategies to ensure you are buying with confidence. The right business acquired on the right terms can deliver the explosive growth you’re looking for!

Acquire with confidence!

Be Your Own Boss … by Purchasing a Small Business

From wherever you’ve been in your life, you feel called to business ownership. But the process of sarting or buying a small business feels so overwhelming you’re not sure where to begin.

Maybe you already own a business and want to acquire another. Maybe you have a particular creative craft or skill and are looking to share it with the world. Maybe you’ve been seized with an amazing idea and you’re looking for a company to bring it to fruition. Or maybe you’re tried of the corporate life and want the flexibility and freedom to be your own boss.

So … you want to be an entrepreneur. Your first instinct might be to start your own business.

Absolutely, you can start a business from scratch … if you don’t mind two or three initial years of negative cash flow, infinite unforeseen challenges, and long, frustrating hours of hustling to find your first customers.

Starting a new business can be painful and exhausting. Why not buy a business instead?

Did you know? Over 1/3 of new business startups fail within their first five years.

Source: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

When you buy a business, you typically get a proven business model, established cash flows, a stable team of employees, suppliers, and customers already in place, and a premises or facility already built and ready to go.

But how do you find a good business to buy? What do you need to know? And how do you go about assessing the quality of a business, valuing a business, and paying a fair price? Maybe you worry about the process and complexity of the transaction—or perhaps you’re wary about working with a business broker?

If this sounds like you, enroll in our Business Buyer’s Brilliance program.
Make your business ownership dreams a reality.

Taught by an Experienced Small Business Advisor, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Business Broker, and Certified Executive Coach.

"Did you know, I myself was exactly in your shoes several years ago. I was wanting to buy a business, but unsure exactly how to go about it, and worried I would make a drastic mistake. I discovered this process by trial and error. Later, as a business broker, I watched time and again how potential buyers struggled with this actual process, and how many costly mistakes were made. It was truly heartbreaking. Many of these mistakes could have been avoided with the right preparation and education. I thought to myself, there has got to be a better way. So I pulled all my experience and knowledge together and created this course based on the 10P’s. It was two years in the making, and now its available for you here. Get the proper preparation to avoid all these costly mistakes. Buy with confidence.

Course creator Vincent Côté brings nearly 20 years of experience in capital markets finance and an extensive background leading cross-functional, multi-million-dollar projects. Mid-life he changed careers to bring his expertise to the small business owner – the rock upon which this country’s economy is built.

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Certified Executive Coach, and active business broker, Vincent is adept at delivering expert guidance to business owners to help them get profitable new ventures off the ground. Vincent is the Founder and President of the small business consulting company Hero’s Guide Inc. At Hero’s Guide, we believe that owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are true heroes on an exciting yet treacherous journey. Coming from an entrepreneurial family ourselves, we at Hero’s Guide understand the risks all small business owners take, the sacrifices you’ll need to make, and the stress that being a small business owner entails. We know there are times when the journey of small business ownership can be particularly challenging. The start of that journey—buying a business—is one of those times.

We also understand the tremendous rewards that business ownership can bring. Whatever your reasons for wanting to run your own business, imagine your dreams coming to life as a successful new owner-operator.

Small business ownership is a “Hero’s Journey”, and every Hero deserves a Guide.
In Business Buyer’s Brilliance program, we will lead you through every step of the way to the
profitable business purchase you’re longing to make.

The 10 Ps Unveiled…

What are the 10 Ps—the practical, how-to information you can’t afford to miss?

The Business Buyer’s Brilliance program is structured around 10 key words, each one starting with a “P”, and this program will thoroughly immerse you in our exclusive ten-P process to buying a business.

Here’s but a taste of the valuable information you can walk away with and put into action.



Let’s face it—business ownership is deeply personal. We’ll reflect on your past, including your journey, skills, likes, dislikes, successes and challenges. What do you, uniquely, bring to the business ownership table? Then, we’ll look at your purpose and try to connect your “Big P” purpose in life with your “Small P” purpose of buying a business. Finally, you’ll complete the dream questionnaire, enabling you to reflect on and document what your dream business entails.



Here, you’ll get a solid grounding in business acumen. What does today’s business marketplace look like? What are the pros and cons of buying a business over starting a new one? You’ll learn basic accounting, understand different types of assets, know how to distinguish an asset sale from a share sale, get to know your financing options, grasp the concept of working capital, and discover what it means to purchase a business with property rather than buying a business alone.



You may be wondering … for the business you want to buy, what’s a reasonable price to pay? What metrics should you use to accurately gauge a business’s worth? We’ll introduce you to valuation standards, including how to assess a business’s “Going Concern” value. You’ll also learn to two different ways to look at small business valuation: failure risk and liquidity risk, and you’ll hear some warning words about cash sales.



From listing to closing, get to know the 6 Steps of the Business Buying Process. Have you ever wondered what the timeline is for a typical business purchase? We’ll also discuss how serious buyers, as opposed to “lookers,” get better treatment from business brokers. Complete our Serious Buyers Checklist and learn how to stand out as a highly qualified buyer.



It’s time to hunt down your dream business! Once you find a business for sale that looks appealing, how do you know whether it’s a good fit for you? Learn where businesses are listed, how to get qualified by a broker or seller, how to prepare for a seller meeting and tour, and the 5 “F-words” you need to assess your target company.



You’ve set your sights on your target company, now it’s time to Position your offer to purchase.  When you prepare an offer, what documents do you need, and what must your offer include? You’ll learn about cash on hand, deposits, the danger of unearned revenue, payment structures, purchase timing and the significance of working capital. When negotiating your offer, discover the correct mindset, the 6 core variables you can negotiate, the importance of picking your battles and why being “the right fit” can work in your favour.



Your offer’s been accepted, and now it’s time to review and close the deal. Here, we’ll talk about due diligence; contingency removals; lease reassignments or renegotiations; licence transfers or approvals; franchisor, licensor or dealer approvals; accountant and lawyer reviews; inventory counting and pricing; and more.



From unrealistic price expectations, to funding deficiencies, to the seller getting cold feet while negotiating, there are all sorts of reasons that even the most promising business deal can fall through. Get to know and understand the Top 10 Deal-Killing Pitfalls and how to avoid them.



The transaction has closed and the business is now yours to make or break. So now what? Discover how to succeed in the crucial three-month transition period with our post-purchase process.



You’ve made it to the end!  You have all the skills, knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to succeed. So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and do it!  Go Buy A Business!

But You May Be Thinking…

There’s so much information here. Will I have time to take this program?

Business Buyer’s Brilliance is a self-paced program designed for busy people like you. Learn on your own schedule, whenever and wherever it’s convenient. You will have unlimited access to the program for six months.

That’s more than I was hoping to spend.

What is the cost of NOT preparing? Or the cost of making a disastrous mistake? Ideally, you will be buying and operating a successful, profitable venture for many years or even decades to come. If you purchase a small business without getting thoroughly informed first, you risk making a wrong choice, paying an inflated price, making costly mistakes in the purchase process, or negotiating a bad deal. What is the risk—financially and otherwise—of walking into a deal without the business acumen you need to succeed?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! We understand that you will need every available penny to put towards your business purchase. If funds are tight for you right now but you still want to enroll, we have a payment plan where we can break the investment into three easy payments. Just choose this option at checkout!

What if I complete this program and feel I did not get sufficient value?

There’s no risk to enroll! Hero’s Guide is pleased to offer you our New Hero Guarantee: If within the first three months of enrolling you complete the program and are still not 100% satisfied with Business Buyer’s Brilliance program, simply contact us and we’ll give you a “pay what you feel it was worth to you” option..

Over $1000 in Bonus Value


“Faith in Business”

This clever, funny, and engaging business parable walks you through the ups and downs of how Faith Ruiz, a nurse by trade, goes about buying her first business. She too walks in your shoes, learning the 10 essential “P’s” she needs to succeed in her business purchase. Join Faith on her journey, and learn with her as she overcomes challenges in her business ownership transition.

A $23 value.


Six months free access to the Business Buyers Mastermind group.

By enrolling in the Business Buyers Brilliance program you will also get access to 6 months access to the Business Buyers Mastermind group, where you can network with and learn from other buyers, on their own business purchase journey, as well as experts on every call to answer your key questions and help you solve your real life business buying problems. 

A $594 value.


A 32% discount on continued access to the Business Buyer’s Brilliance Program

By enrolling now, you will lock in a 32% discount on your continued access to the Program at only a $67 monthly investment vs the regular $99 price.

 A $384 value over 12 months.

Ready to make your small business ownership dreams a reality? Don’t just dream it, Do it!

Small business ownership takes courage and stamina. It’s a true “Hero’s Journey”.
And every Hero deserves a Guide!

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