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Become A Hero – How To Buy A Small Business

You’ve been called to begin a new journey of small business ownership. Maybe you have an idea burning up and you need a vehicle to express it. Maybe you’re tired of the corporate world and want the creativity of being your own boss.

You could start from scratch. But why not buy and grow an existing small business? But how? Short answer is, it’s complicated. Our Become a Hero program will give you the knowledge and clarity you need to fulfill your dreams of small business ownership. We will guide you through every step of buying a business from learning to work with business brokers to closing the deal. Entrepreneurship is a true “hero’s journey”. Begin it well with our Buy a Business program!

Who Is This Program For?

– You want to be a small business owner but are just not sure where to begin the purchasing a business process.

– You have dreamed of owning your own shop, but are stuck and considering buying a business.

– You fear the process and complexity of the transaction.

– You are unsure about working with a business broker.

– You believe starting a business from scratch would be easier than buying a business. We can show you this is a misconception.

– You already have a business and you want to make sure you go into the next deal fully prepared.

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Who will benefit from this program?

Those who have dreamed of becoming a business owner, are thinking of buying a business, and want to learn how to do it successfully. It’s okay that you may not know anything about the process of buying a business. We love helping future small business owners and entrepreneurs buy a business without the uncertainty.

Why Hero’s Guide?

We know how hard the journey of entrepreneurship and business ownership is.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, dedicated to serving others, its in our DNA.  And we also know that it’s often a lonely journey.  There is a time when all you need is a trusted advisor, an objective lens, and a knowing Guide.  You’re a Hero!  Let us be your Guide.

How much will the program cost?

The pricing for this program is based on the style of delivery.

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes! Our “New Hero Guarantee” applies to this program.  If at any time you are not satisfied with the program, simply contact us and we will credit your account the full value of the program.


Becoming a “hero”, a business owner, is one simple step away!

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