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A Hero’s Exit – Start Your Exit Planning Now!

You’ve owned and run your business for years, maybe decades, and soon it will be time for something else. But is your business “Transition Ready”?  Are You?

Like most owners in this situation you likely believe you are ready based on your current mental state of mind. But “Being Ready” is not just a state of mind it’s a state of fact and it can be measured!

A Hero’s Exit – one that is done on your terms and on your timetable – is achievable. The first step is our Transition Ready Review, where we will assess your level of readiness based on the four quadrants that create a successful exit strategy. Our Hero’s Exit program will leave feeling confident as you exit your business!

Who Is This Program For?

If you have owned and run your business for years, even decades and are:

– Contemplating a transition in the next 1 to 5 years

– Want to discover your best exit pathway (yes, there are more than one!)

– Want to make sure you are not leaving money on the table

– Want to make sure your legacy and values are preserved

Your Journey Map Location: Mature


Who will benefit from this program?

Business Owners who are one to five years from their proposed exit.  Owners who do not want to leave money on the table.  Owners who want to exit on their terms and on their timetable.

Why Hero’s Guide?

We know how hard the journey of entrepreneurship and business ownership is.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, dedicated to serving others, it’s in our DNA.  And we also know that it’s often a lonely journey.  There is a time when all you need is a trusted advisor, an objective lens, and a knowing Guide.  You’re a Hero!  Let us be your Guide.

How much will the program cost?

Each program is tailored for your situation and our pricing structure is value-based.  That is, we aim to add more value to your business than the investment you will make in our programs.  That’s why we can offer our “Hero’s Exit Guarantee”!

What is this Hero’s Exit Guarantee?

Simply, if you follow the program, and you are not satisfied that you and your business are ready to transition, we will credit your account the full amount of the program.  We will give you all the details of our Hero’s Exit Guarantee when you join the program.


It has never been easier for you to get a balanced lifestyle.
We will guide you to make it a reality.

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