Faith in Business

A Fun and Engaging Journey Through the Ten “P” Steps of Buying a Small Business

An inspirational story about a home care nurse named Faith and her business buying adventure.

Faith Ruiz dreams of running her own business. She is excited to discover a home care agency for sale, but how can she buy a business when she doesn’t know where to begin, or how to go about the buying process?

Enter Michael, a business consultant with an educational program on the Ten “Ps” of buying a business. With guidance from Michael and his experienced parents, Faith learns the necessary steps.

Amidst tough competition, Faith must secure financing and negotiate a successful deal. Can she triumph over the obstacles … and make her business buying dreams a reality?

Faith in Business Mockup Book Cover

Planning to Purchase a Business?

Walk in Faith’s shoes and experience the buying process!

Written by an Experienced Small Business Advisor, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Business Broker, and Certified Executive Coach

Vincent Côté is the Founder and President of Hero’s Guide Inc., an education and advisory company that helps small businesses succeed. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, a Certified Executive Coach, and an active business broker with Transitions Realty Inc., he is adept at delivering expert guidance to business owners to help them get profitable new ventures off the ground. Vincent brings nearly 20 years of experience in capital markets finance and an extensive background leading cross-functional, multi-million-dollar projects. After struggling to buy his first business, he decided to teach his exclusive Ten “P” process, which provides aspiring business owners with the proper preparation and education to reduce risks and buy the business of their dreams with confidence.

Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Business Broker, & Certified Executive Coach