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I plan to remain in my business for years to come, why do I need exit planning?

While the sale or transfer will be the final event of your ownership, proper planning for this may take years.  If your goal is a successful transfer of ownership – on your terms and on your time – then starting now is crucial!

Won’t it cost too much?

Proper planning will involve a commitment of time and money.  Our approach focusses on value enhancement prior to exit.  Ideally costs are more than fully recovered in an increased business valuation.  What is the cost of not being prepared?

What is the difference between succession planning and exit planning?

Succession planning is preparing for the replacement of any key staff.  This is but one valuable step in the process.  Exit planning is much broader encompassing your personal and business preparation for the largest transaction and the biggest transition of your life!

I envision a family or internal transfer. Why do I need to plan for that?

Family or internal transfers are often more challenging.  In such cases, the transition process benefits greatly from having an external independent facilitator.  We can guide you through the complexities.